Musical Memories

Our house was always filled with music (still is). But when my girls were growing up any situation could make us break out in song.

For instance, on foggy mornings, we would sing America’s “Ain’t it foggy outside …. “

Vacuuming was almost always done to the soundtrack from Beaches.

When one of the girls was in a bad mood we would put some music on and dance. Dancing in the hall was a favorite.

Although I clearly favored country, I had a very eclectic collection.

I played trombone in high school. I particularly enjoyed marching band. There’s a piece of me that regrets giving it up, but outside of high school events it didn’t fit in my life. The time playing and taking lessons gave me a deep appreciation for Big Band music; particularly Glenn Miller.

Having grown up in the sixties and seventies with older siblings, early rock music filled the house. Much of that still brings very nostalgic memories. Sound tracks from various shows flood me with memories of participating in or attending plays.

As a teenager, I volunteered at a summer camp. Each summer we would have a talent show put on by the staff and volunteers. A group of us got together and did some songs from the 50’s. I was one of three do-up girls, complete with poodle skirt.

There was a preparatory seminary not far from where I went to high school. They would put a play on every year. Each year they would put a call out to the neighboring schools for girls to try out for the female roles. The year I was particularly active with the play we did Fiddler. I only had a bit part but dove in with great zeal for behind the scenes activities. I took on the responsibility for making the customs for the supporting cast. I made a taffeta skirt with elastic waist for each of the girls and a prayer shawl for each of the boys.

I have a strong tendency to semi wake when dreaming and start acting them out. Typically, the dreams are related to something going on in make sense with what is going on in my life at the time.

The room I slept in had a bed suspended from the ceiling, As the day for the play was approaching, I had one of those dreams. I dreamt I was sitting backstage on a box for the set. One of the stage hands asked me to get off the box as they needed to move it on stage. As I went to slip off the box, I realized it was rising. It continued to rise and rise. The floor seemed to become further and further away. Eventually; my feet hit the floor hard. At that moment I realized I was dreaming was dreaming and rather than being backstage I was in my bed.

Music, triggers so many legacy moment memories.

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